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Siding Replacement Overview

The Complete Siding Replacement Overview

One of the most important factors in any home’s long-term curb appeal and resale value is the quality of your siding. It's also critical to your safety and well-being.

There are many great siding options to choose from, depending on your budget and style preferences. Choosing the right style and colors can feel overwhelming.

We put together this guide to help homeowners do some initial research into replacing their siding.

Each siding style can have unique benefits & drawbacks depending on your preferences, home style, and budget. We took into consideration these factors:

  • Durability
  • Price
  • Overall Appearance.

These are all important things to consider when shopping around. Take a look and let us know how we can help!

Exterior of Home Showing Siding Options


Vinyl Siding: 

Example of Vinyl SidingFar and away the most popular siding choice throughout Central Illinois, vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors & styles. With improved quality standards set forth by each siding manufacturer, you can be certain it will be resilient during the harsh summers and frigid winters found in Central IL.

Modern vinyl siding is a cost-effective option for homeowners, while its quality and durability have greatly improved over the years.

Pros of Vinyl Siding

  • Low maintenance requires occasional washing to remove dirt, mold, mildew, etc.
  • Quick installation, reducing the cost of labor upfront
  • Easy to replace when the life of the product expires

Cons of Vinyl Siding

  • Subject to warping in extreme heat or due to improper installation
  • The finished look can sometimes reveal gaps between the siding and trim
  • Power washing vinyl siding is not recommended as it may trap water behind the panels

The Verdict on Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has advanced to become a viable siding option for all sorts of homes in all climates, not just for low-cost constructions.

Vinyl siding has the widest variety of options available to homeowners, each offering its unique finished look. Some of the most popular styles include board and batten, smooth lap clapboard, vinyl shakes, and Dutch lap siding.

Vinyl siding isn't right for every home, but it’s worth considering for its low maintenance and overall cost. For homeowners in Illinois, you should consider other options as well since vinyl tends to age more quickly from extreme changes in weather year to year.


Metal Siding: An Overview

Example of Metal Siding

Metal siding is becoming popular these days because it tends to be a longer-lasting and lightweight alternative to wood and masonry.

More importantly, they are inexpensive for residential and commercial sidings.

While traditionally used on industrial or agricultural buildings, the use of metal siding on homes is now commonplace. The most common materials for this type of siding are corrugated galvanized steel or aluminum. They can be used as imitation wood clapboards but require a hard coating to seal the material.

Pros of Metal Siding

  • Lightweight
  • Readily Available
  • Easy to Match Colors
  • Dent-resistant

Cons of Metal Siding

  • Needs a hard coating to resist rust
  • Slightly higher costs than vinyl siding

Metal Siding: Our Recommendations

Generally, aluminum metal sidings are preferred for homes because it is easier to shape and install. Steel siding material is preferred for utility structures such as barns, industrial applications, and the like. This is due to its dent-free quality, allowing it to be used in areas where storms and other extreme conditions are apparent.

Metal siding, no matter the choice, is great for rural areas that are exposed to more extreme conditions.

Both of these materials for metal siding are very durable and useful for their functions but can be susceptible to moisture and salt. Still, they are the best sidings in places where heavy rain is prevalent. For longer-lasting and more effective functions, it is best to use aluminum metal sidings.


Wood Siding Overview

Example of Wood Siding

Wood siding comes in a variety of colors and styles, which makes it a great option for homeowners. Wood siding is often a readily available resource for construction and home building, which makes it a great choice for builders.

It is available in a horizontal design (narrow cut similar to vinyl siding) and also in vertical (short rectangular pieces for clapboard style).


Pros of Wood Siding

  • Some forms are decay-resistant, meaning that water, wind, and dirt will not deteriorate the surface
  • The easiest installation of the three choices
  • Often cheapest for replacement because it can be cut to size

Cons of Wood Siding

  • Requires more frequent attention and maintenance
  • Requires re-painting, re-sealing & staining over time (subject to fade otherwise)
  • Wood surfaces are always susceptible to insect infestations (termites, carpenter ants) and mold

What is the Overall Cost of Wood Siding?

Costs vary based on the type of wood, the color, and the design. Heartier woods like redwood and cedar will cost more than pine. Cost is always determined by square footage; ask about our pricing options today.

It is good to know, though, that many places offer discounts on siding cost per square foot over a certain amount, so you might be able to get a discount on the overall price if you are covering a large area.



Many Homeowners are attracted to Vinyl Siding because it's relatively easy to maintain. Vinyl siding only needs to be washed once or twice a year to remove dirt, mold, and mildew, unlike wood siding which needs to be painted every few years to look its best.

Metal Siding is a great option for homeowners open to an alternative appearance to their home's exterior. While more expensive, it provides some of the best standards for durability, and aluminum options also require little to no maintenance.

Finally, Wood Siding is another cost-effective option that generally provides more longevity than the others. While it requires the most maintenance, it gives homes some of the most beautiful finishes available today.

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It helps to have the right siding contractor in your corner to help you sort through these options and choose something you will love for many years to come.

Whether it’s because of a recent storm or gradual wear and tear, we want you to find the right replacement siding at the right price! Always be sure to discuss your preferences & options with your siding contractor. 

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