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How to Prepare Your Home for High Winds

How to Prepare Your Home for High Winds

Most homeowners give much effort in taking care of their houses. People spend money for repair, refurbishing, and beautification of their homes to retain or better its form and appearance. However, there are natural calamities that we can’t stop from happening. And, these calamities cause injuries to people and destruction of infrastructures, that includes houses. For instance, high winds cause unforeseeable damages. It can go from falling tree branches to having your roof torn off. This is why it is just wise for homeowners to know how to prepare your homes for high winds.   


Install storm shutters

Shutters are used in storm & hurricane mitigation. People usually install storm shutter to protect structures, houses, from damages brought by calamities. They are mostly used to cover windows or other glass parts of the structure from objects that might hit them during the storm. Having shutters installed in your home might be costly, but it can save you from heavier expenses when the storm damages your house. You may use wood or steel shutters, depending on your need and allocated budget.


Have your roof inspected

It is best to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional. An annual or a quarterly inspection might help you spot minor problems. This will prevent them from turning into big ones when the storm hits your house. There are a lot of roof professionals you can contact; but make sure you hire the best in your neighborhood.


Trim the branches of your tree

Trees come in different heights and angles. When you are anticipating a storm coming, make sure you have trimmed down the boughs of your trees, especially the higher ones that may fall off due to strong winds and hit windows, power lines, and stuff.


Keep yard clean from unnecessary clutter

High winds can cause objects to propel through the air. If your yard is filled with clutter, expect some items to be turned into projectiles. This can cause serious damage not only to properties but also to people. Flying objects from thin air during storms and hurricanes may cause severe injury, especially sharp objects. Thus, always clear your backyard and make sure your garden tools are kept in the right place.


Keep yourself informed of these ways to protect your home, and more, to avoid major problems and bigger expenses.

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