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Most Common Roofing Problems

Most Common Roofing Problems

Our home is our precious investment and we’ll do just about everything to protect and repair it from damage, and one of the most important parts that need protection is the roof. Being the first line of defense of all the other parts of your home, you have to make sure that your roof is regularly inspected and well-maintained so as to ensure that it functions as expected. To make sure of such, it’s necessary to have your roof checked from time-to-time to discover problems that need fixing as early as possible before they turn into major ones. If these problems escalate further, they will cause more damage to your roof and, thus, higher expenses.


Damage caused by the weather


The materials used to make the roof are not as strong as those used in walls. And, the fact that it’s built to cover and protect almost the whole house from elements that may cause damage to it is enough to ensure that it’s strong enough to do such.

There are various weather conditions and they all have different devastating effects. For instance, the damage that hailstorm does to a property may or may not be worse than that of strong winds, or it can also be the other way around. A hailstorm may leave holes in some parts of the house, like sidings and gutters. It also leaves bruises on the surface of roof shingles, eventually causing more damage, like roof leaks. While strong winds have different effects, depending on the type, duration, impact, and more. Some winds are so strong it can uplift your roof, or cut it open. The sad part is, some roofs are not made of materials strong enough to withstand the harmful effects of the weather, more so if the roof does not undergo regular inspection.


Roof Leaks

Roofing problems may lead to even bigger ones when not given immediate attention. Leaks can develop in any materials. Once noticed, it should be sealed off so as not to lead to further damage. Not to overreact, but leaks can cause damage to other parts of the house too, like the wiring, your ceiling, your furniture, and the like. Thus, causing more problems and additional expenses.

To solve, if not avoid, such issues on your roof, you have to know what causes the damage. When there’s a part of the house that’s sticking out of the roof, like chimneys, vents, and the like, for the purpose of preventing leaks, that method is called flashing. Roofing can experience flashing damage when the property becomes older. As time passes, the materials used become vulnerable to damage. And as it gets weaker, it opens up some space allowing precipitation to get below the roof shingles. Thus, collecting water over time, causing leaks.


Another major cause of roof leaks is joint damage. The portions of the roof where the opposite-sloping sections are called joints. If not sealed properly, it becomes a potential source of leaks.

Although the price may vary, all these damages can be fixed. It’s important to act immediately once the damage has been spotted so as not to worsen its condition, and to prevent further damages. With the roof being the major defense system of your home from harmful elements, it has to be given ample attention.

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