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Roof Replacement in Bloomington, IL

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Roofs are essential parts of a home that should never be neglected, as failing to address roof issues can result in safety risks, not only for the structure but also for the things inside your home including your family. Therefore, when a roof is damaged, a professional should be called to determine whether the problem can be solved with a repair or if the roof needs to be replaced. On the other hand, when a roof can no longer perform because of age, or when signs of significant wear and tear emerge, such as when shingles start coming off, then it may need to be replaced. Moreover, if your roof is badly damaged from natural phenomena or an accident, then prompt service is required so that the rest of your home will not incur damage.


When to Repair or Install a New Roof

Roof replacement in Bloomington IL is offered by a trusted company with over 10 years of experience in the roofing industry. All Seasons Roofing recognizes that each home's roof has a certain lifespan, which results in an unsightly, leaky, and dangerous roof. You do not want to have such a roof over your head, so All Seasons Roofing offers quality roof replacement in Bloomington IL to ensure your safety, comfort, and convenience. Our expert technicians are professional both in their work and when they communicate with you on the worksite. Cleanliness is a value that we practice, and efficiency is our game. This means you can have your roof replaced at the soonest possible time.


Signs that Your Bloomington Roof Needs Replacement

There are times when a roof can naturally reach its end-of-life without necessarily undergoing failure. It is during these times that a homeowner may tend to keep on postponing roof replacement. However, keeping a roof looking old and worn can have significant effects on the value of your home and the look and feel of the neighborhood. Thus, you should check whether your roof is showing the following signs so that you can immediately replace it.


The first thing to think about when considering roof replacement is the age of your roof. Recall how old your roof is. The average lifespan of a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof is 15 to 18 years, whereas that of an architectural roof is 24 to 30 years. It is safe to say that when your roof is older than the average values, then replacement is needed. This is especially true when the roof just looks old and worn. Roof replacement can be the best move you can make for your home in this case.


The periods mentioned above are relative, which means that they depend on many factors that can accelerate aging, such as weather, ventilation, and location. Thus, it is also helpful to check whether your roof needs replacement. For instance, missing shingles or loose tabs can be signs of imminent roof failure. In this case, roof replacement is urgent, as the integrity of the structure may already be compromised. Furthermore, shingles with curled edges or cupped tabs cracked shingles, and areas, where granules are missing, can be signs that replacement is needed.


Roof Replacement Experts in Bloomington, IL

In Bloomington IL, All Seasons Roofing is the trusted roofer for quality roof replacement. We work with top brands, the latest processes, and reliable equipment to install the best products in your home. With All Seasons Roofing, you can have a new roof that is both beautiful and functional. Your neighbors will appreciate your roof replacement project, as your new roof will also beautify the area. For help with a re-roofing project, All Seasons Roofing is the right company. All our clients are satisfied with our work, as we apply our skills to beautify your home according to your requirements.

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