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Everything ages, even the toughest of materials - wear, and tear can take a toll on different parts of a home, especially regarding siding. Some of the most durable sidings on the market are claimed to last for about 10-50 years, but even then can still be prone to exceptional weather damage.

For the climate in Illinois, we recommend that the siding be replaced if it is more than 10 years old or shows obvious signs of falling apart.

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Repairing Damaged Siding

Siding repair is necessary for damaged siding. It may need to just be replaced, however, depending on the extent of the damage it may need to be completely replaced. In Bloomington IL, All Seasons Roofing is a professional firm offering siding repair. Let us make an assessment of your property to get started!

Once we have our initial meeting to inspect your residence, we will likely invite you to come to our showroom and take a look at the products we offer. Replacing anything on the exterior of a home is a significant investment, and so we want to ensure that you are happy with how we match colors, styles, and materials to other parts of the home.

In the case that you have a new construction or want to work on a project that isn't time-sensitive, feel free to make an appointment at our office and discuss the details there. 

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If you are worried that the external integrity of your home may be at risk, the professional technicians at All Seasons Roofing can help. They are well-experienced in siding repair. Our experts are skilled in repairing different types of siding, including vinyl, cement-fiber, and wood. For example, vinyl siding could be the easiest and quickest material to repair. As this type of siding has low-maintenance features, repairing it can be very cost-effective. View our line of Products and distributors.

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Perhaps the most difficult part of repairing this material is finding the correct piece to match the existing style and color. You don't have to worry about that as the siding professionals at All Seasons Roofing have the experience in installing the right product for your house.


Signs That You Need Siding Repair

Siding is usually the only part of the home that stands between the external elements and the interior drywall and insulation. As time passes, homeowners often cannot tell whether significant damage has occurred until the siding is physically removed to determine the extent of wood rot on the frame due to years of moisture penetration behind the siding. However, some signs may indicate that damage might be happening behind the siding’s facade.


The first and most obvious signs are overall deterioration and aging. For example, vinyl suffers from solar weathering, whereas wood can rot or warp. Furthermore, older cement composite siding can crack at the edges, letting water in. Other signs of aging include wavy, warped, or uneven spots in the siding.

Moreover, inspecting the components of the siding can show whether it needs repair. Each board works together as a complete system, with nails, caulk, and a painted finish to keep out moisture and protect your home. Thus, when nail heads become exposed, rusty, or missing, then deterioration may be on its way. If nails have been removed, then the siding may have experienced some sort of movement or may have been expanding or contracting.

In addition, rusty nails can signify moisture damage over time and can leave streaks down your siding. Also, the siding should be caulked at all vertical seams and joints. Over time, caulk can shrink, crack, or slowly wear away. If seams have shifted and boards look uneven, then siding repair is needed.


Expert Siding Repair Professionals in Bloomington IL

In Bloomington IL, All Seasons Roofing can perform siding repair professionally and efficiently. For more than 10 years, we have helped homeowners improve the curb appeal of their homes by ensuring that their siding looks good and works well. Our expert technicians will remain on site until the job is completed, saving our clients time, money, and effort of having a repeat service call. Therefore, in addressing your siding, at the first sign of damage, you should turn to professionals for siding repair so that the damage won't spread and repair costs can be managed. All Seasons Roofing is dedicated to performing siding repair in Bloomington IL for your home. Trust us today for quality services that result in beautiful siding.

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